VDV 2014
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LUXAV sorgt für eine professionelle und innovative Jahrestagung des VDV

Hamburger Produktetag
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LUXAV Hamburg meldet ersten erfolgreichen Produktetag

Digitales Flipchart
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Auf dem digitalen Flipchart können Ihre Veranstaltungs-informationen...

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PadWORK von LUXAV ist eine neue Touch-Anwendung für...

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Die LUXAV wurde vor genau 25 Jahren in Kassel gegründet...


Europe's Experts for Event Technology

Plain and simple meetings take place every day. It’s the stellar events that leave a lasting impression: Since 1988, we have taken a no-holds-barred attitude to ensuring that the conferences, meetings, symposia we work for throughout Europe are run professionally, smoothly and successfully. Events with flair and character make their mark.

It all starts with sophisticated technical planning. Then comes the implementation phase – utilizing ultramodern conference and event technology. Whether the assignment entails a cache of equipment ranging from A to Z, high-end projection in living-it format, live transmissions from the operating room or multimedia medical applications: We know what it takes to get the job done. And that's the way we want to keep it for the next 20 years by leading the pack.

No matter where you are holding your event: You can rely on us up-front and on location. That’s why we have subsidiaries all over Germany – north, south, east and west: in Berlin, Munich, Bonn and Hannover. Our headquarters in Kassel are situated exactly in the middle of the country.

Leading the Pack. For over 20 Years.